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Sep 21, 2000 10:15 PM

4 day visit to upper mid town manhattan

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looking for good food at fair prices, any inside sudgestions? please give price range. thanks

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    Meredith Merridew

    Glad to help!!!!

    A hot dog at Grey's Papaya is seventy-five cents. A meal at Ducasse will run you about $350.

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      that helps. how about prices from 15 to $25 for a 70 year old couple

      1. re: roger
        Meredith Merridew

        On the front page of this site (upper right hand corner), you can do a search for "Midtown." Unfortunately, Midtown is a large and ill-defined area, so not everything you get will necessarily be helpful. (Also, cabs are easily managed, so you needn't be confined to one neighborhood.)

        You can browse through the Manhattan message board, clicking on anything whose subject heading seems interesting.

        The "New York Today" site from the New York Times (link below) is useful, as they archive various neighborhood guides the Times has done.

        What might work best though, is to post another message, specifying what you're looking for in absurd detail--type of food, atmosphere, seating times, anything you can think of.

        Think of your dream meal, and tell us about it. The nice folks here (all much, much nicer than I) will do their darnedest to figure out how you can make your dream come true.


        1. re: Meredith Merridew


          Why'd you make the first reply?

          Perhaps YOU've never done anything without reading the instructions; evidently Roger has. So have I.

          The second reply was very nice, though.