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Caffe Lurre is gone

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This is not a heartbreak but more of a farewell to a serviceable place. Caffe Lurre is closed (Sullivan, just N. of Houston). The sign says they closed and are reopening in Pelham Heights, Westchester. I am sure it will be a welcome addition there.
I always thought this was a Jean-Claude Iachhovelli (sp?) restaurant as in: Jean-Claude Bistro, Soho Steak and Velli but the closing sign was signed: Robert & Anthony.
The name refers to a fishing lure and they specialized in fish.
I recently had a lovely brunch there: bowls of cafe au lait, belgian waffle with fresh fruit and whipped cream. When I 1st moved to SoHo it's where I fell in love with mashed potatoes with black olive paste whipped in, a mound of that with some delectable fish on top for 9.95 was pretty damn good.

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