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Sep 20, 2000 09:28 AM

Vintner in Soho?

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Yesterday I was walking around Soho and I stumbled on a restaurant I'd never seen before; I think it must be brand-new because I walk on that block pretty frequently. It's on Crosby just south of Houston, behind the Gaseteria. The name of the restaurant is something like "Puck Fair", written in a sort of Old-Englishy script; I didn't examine the menu at any great length. What puzzled me was a notice on their awning proclaiming their "vintner's license" -- which I guess means they are bottling their own wine. I wonder if they are pressing and fermenting wine there (it's a rather small space to have such activities and a restaurant as well) or buying casks of wine from someone on Long Island. Has anyone been there to report?

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  1. Sorry to disappoint - they're not making wine there. It's an Irish pub, owned and run by the same people who run Swift's, also an Irish pub, near NYU (I never remember the address).

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      I think the "licensed vintner" label is only for effect. If you're wondering what the place is like, I wrote a review of it for A link follows.
      There are two places that can really be called "vintners" in soho. One is "le jardin bistro" on cleveland street. They have a few grape vines in "le jardin," and some years they make wine from them. I've heard that the party to celebrate the crush, or the wine, is really fun, but there's little chance that you'll ever taste the wine. Second is Vintage NY. Essentially a wine shop with an extensive tasting bar (all wines are available for tasting), Vintage NY is owned by the folks from Hudson Valley's Rivendell Winery. In addition to their own stuff, they sell wine from dozens other other NY state wineries. Due to oddities in a NY State law designed to promote NY products, they are permitted to open on Sundays.