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Sep 20, 2000 08:07 AM

Do the 4 stars allow for Dessert only?.....

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I am a big fan of Jacques Torres, pastry chef of LeCirque 2000 and I would love to try one of his desserts. The dinner menu does not appeal to my better half though. Do restaraunts like LeCirque or Bouley Bakery allow you to stop in for dessert and a glass of wine or is this tabboo?


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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    If I were you I would call them and explain what you would like to do, they then may recommend a time that would be good for you to come in and have a limited meal, so to speak, like a late or early lunch or something.
    I'm sure they will oblige.
    Let us know what happens.
    I would like to think the 4 stars allow for graciousness :-)

    1. Le Cirque will let you order dessert at the bar without having to eat a normal meal there. Daniel has a lounge that you can almost certainly visit for just a dessert.
      Payard Patisserie is probably a good place as well as desserts are the main attraction here.

      You know that J. Torres is no longer at Le cirque, don't you? Their current dessert menu is still the same as when he was there, however, so you will be getting his desserts even though is not supervising.

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        Actually I just found out about Jacques/LeCirque, but thank you as well for the headsup. Guess another choice is in order. My wife loves Italian, and I have the diner restaraunt already narrowed down, but for dessert I feel the French 4 stars cannot be beat, but I am open for other suggestions...

        Thanks again!

        1. re: Mike

          I have sat at the bar at Jean-Georges and had dessert (you can order off either the restaurant or Nougatine menu). And they have a good selection of champagne and dessert wine by the glass. I know JG has gotten some negative comments here lately, but I had dinner there at the end of June, and both my friend and I thought it was still great.

      2. BE WARNED - serious downhill alert. The desserts at Le Cirque used to be the high point. I was there last week and I had the famous "clown hat" which I used to love. The pastry was TOUGH - the sauce oddly gloopy, the bananas flavorless. I left 90% of it on the plate. Save your $$s and check out some of the other suggestions people mentioned.

        1. Why not try someplace specializes in desserts, as opposed to a 4-star restaurant? I'm thinking of Payard Patisserie on Lexington Avenue. Francois Payard was (still is?) the pastry chef at Daniel.