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Sep 19, 2000 11:03 PM

lechon asada on 118th St

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Has anyone done any in-depth eating at Lechon Asada stand on 2nd Avenue and 118th? (maybe 117th, i forget) They're only open Fri-Sun while the weather's warm, according to the very friendly guy slicing the pig.

Looks fantastic -- menu had pastelillos (meat or shellfish), roast chicken, and a slew of things I've never tried. The lechon (all I had time for, as we were en route to Patsy's) was pretty close to perfect -- crispy skin, moist meat, lots of herbs under the skin.

I'll be back regardless, but was wondering if anybody else had tried. Or knew of any other good weekend-type neighborhood operations in that neighborhood.

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  1. i encountered a taqueria around the corner from patsy's on 116th, i think between 2nd and 3rd, on a saturday afternoon. i got on the end of a huge line, not knowing what was at the front of it, but trusting it had to be good, and it was.