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Mar 4, 2002 03:49 PM

X meets Y

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I intend to take a visiting friend for some fusion and have narrowed down to a couple of restaurants in SF that I want to try. Considering taste, presentation, and portion (bang for your dollar), which is THE fusion restaurant to go to between Eos, Hawthorne Lane, Ponzu, or Silks.

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  1. Re: bang for buck. A friend just told me that Eos is now offering a $30 prix fixe dinner. I checked out the prix fixe choices yesterdary - it has fairly decent selection from the regular menu. 3 apps (a salad, a shiitake burschetta I think and can't remember the last one), 2 entrees (skate dish - goes for $25 on the regular menu and something else) and 2 desserts (kaffir lime creme brulee or sorbets).

    For those of you who miss Dine About Town.