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Sep 19, 2000 12:00 PM

Nice terrace or garden in Manhattan - please help

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Great website you could be my saviour's. Could anyone recommend a restaraunt in Manhattan, with a garden/patio/terrace that can hold around 20-30 people? I'm celebrating my wedding with friends from London, and we want somewhere with good food/ambience for a group of 30 year olds. I've heard good things abot Va Tutto and I Coppi but are there any other suggestions? 2 weeks away and I need to make a reservation, any help from the locals would be gratefully accepted. Cheers, Glen

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  1. I also liked Sweet N Vicious when I was over last year,
    does this give you an idea of what would be suitable - I hope so - thanks again

    1. Two places come to mind - both Spanish. Well, one's Basque, but that's pretty close? Placido Domingo's restaurant on East 49th Street is one. They have a website, so you can see how you like it:

      The other is Marichu (the Basque one) on East 46th Street and their website is:

      I've eaten at both and would say that Marichu has the better food of the two.

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        andrew reibman

        I wasn't clear whether this was for the wedding/reception (I kind of doubt it) or for something a little less formal (like a rehearsal dinner). this is probably in the latter category...

        there's a japanese resteraunt in the west village with a japense garden in the back, I think its arai...

        1. Not sure if the gardens are big enough, but you could try Verbena or I Trulli. I have been to both with 10-15 people. I think they could handle a bigger group.

          1. There is a pretty decent Italian place in SOHO called Barolo that has a huge garden in the back.