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Sep 19, 2000 10:01 AM

funky broom and special orders (yam threads not too salty)....

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we went to funky broome last night and ordered the yam threads "not too salty". they came not salty at all and were very delicious. I agree with Jim, they do something special with the garlic first - perhaps they steam it or marinate it.

Although our waitress didn't speak much english, she understood everything just fine, we got not too salty yam threads, the diet coke with no ice, the bowls of rice one at a time, rather than all at once, etc...

we also had fine razor clams with black beans, and also scallop noodles with xo. They were both excellent, the scallops were abundant and shockingly fresh.

the highlight for us was the sausages stir fried with preserved vegetables/lotus root/and chilis - its on the appetizer list, and I believe asimov recommended it as well.

a final note - the dishes came in the order they came. not the starter first, and not the order we ordered. if you want them in a particular order or in groups, you probably need to ask. maybe they brough them in the order they thought they should be in, and we being white barbarians, just didn't appreciate it...

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  1. i was at funky broome sat night. place was packed, mostly non-asian.

    we ordered the yam shoots, not saying anything about saltiness, and they came back fine, for seasoning at least. my mother and i both thought they were way too soft. practically mushy. is this how most people enjoy them? we didn't eat very much of it.

    the best thing we had -- crab. on the menu, there is a 'crabs, cooked any style' option. we asked about that and the price on the menu (9.95 i think) is for blue crabs. not wanting that, we opted for the fresh king crab (19.95), scooped from the tank by the window. we asked for some kind of preparation w/ ginger and scallion. this was delicious.

    service was terrific. the manager and waiter both spoke good english. waiter took his time w/ our order, advising us b/w prawn and crab options, suggesting for the prawns are somewhat overpriced for the size/quantity of the dish and a few dollars more for the crab is worth it. he asked about the yam shoots at the end of the meal and was apologetic about our not liking them so soft. the manager remembered our names and thanked us on the way out.

    we sat by the stairwell and noticed someone was having a very good party downstairs! plenty of music and the dishes that went by! jellyfish, steamed fish, tofu, everything looked really great. in the rest of the restaurant, squab was a very popular choice that night.

    but, back to yam shoots, do y'all like them that soft?

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      I wouldn't call the yam shoots mushy...meltingly tender is how I would put it! And I do like them that soft. Love them, actually - they're my new favorite thing to daydream about, foodwise!

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        We went back to FB for the 4th time for lunch. All was fine except we ordered "Prawns" with sweet and sour sauce. I even pointed to the menu and showed the waiter the dish. The waiter repeated "prawns". We got the dish, I said these are the PRAWNS, they looked kind of tiny? He said yes those are the "prawns". After eating a few I said this can't be shrimp, I called the waiter over again and he said no it's pork... My husband doesn't eat meet, so this was pretty icky for him. They brought us over the Shrimp dish after another 20 min. wait. Both dishes tasted good. Just say shrimp instead of prawn and you'll fare better.

    2. Thanks,

      I had lunch there today and asked for yam shoots not too salty, they were magnificent. Also: I had the e-fu noodles with shredded duck, which I think is an even better dish than the noodles with conch and scallops, because of the lack of gummy conch. The mushrooms in the dish are amazing.