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Sep 18, 2000 11:14 PM


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does anyone know whats going into the old wolfs deli on 57th street? will it be another greasy spoon w/ awesome sandwiches?

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  1. c
    Chris Armstrong

    Actually, it is going to be the site of the McDonald's Corporation's first entry into high-end dining.

    The rent for that space is $975,000 per week. Only a major corporation willing to take a loss could fill that space. I know... I was going to open a Brasserie there called "57th Brasserie on 57th". But the economics didn’t add up.

    The new restaurant will serve such innovative items as Quarter Pounder Confit, which is twice-cooked in its own puddle of beef fat; a Happy Meal of grilled Foie Gras, Belgian-style Frites, and a glass of sherry; and a sesame-encrusted terrine of beef, white bread, american cheese, pickled gherkin, New Jersey yellow onions, and a piquant relish aioli.

    I wonder what they are thinking. Are New Yorkers, or even tourists, prepared to pay $31.95 for what amounts to a gourmet Big Mac? I don't know... I'll report back when they open next month.

    As for my new place, I chose to open in Far Rockaway. Well, it’s not actually “in” Far Rockaway; the neighborhood (around Beach 307th St) is affectionately referred to as Far, Far Rockaway. The restaurant, which will open next week, is called The Beachfront Brasserie (It’s twelve blocks from the beach, though). Until the neighborhood gentrifies enough to support a serious French restaurant, I’ll be serving updated versions of Chicken Francaise, Roast Beef, and Baked Halibut. You can get there from Manhattan by taking a Far Rockaway-bound A train to the last stop in Queens and transferring to the Q85 bus to 307th St. From there, it is a ten-minute walk past the auto body shop and the convalescent home. You can’t miss it.


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      Congratulations...that may well be the most inexplicable message of the month!

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        "Congratulations...that may well be the most inexplicable message of the month!"

        ding! but I liked it.

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          so, nobody knows....well a sign was posted saying grill on the park---so at least theres a clue! but then again im still clueless