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Sep 18, 2000 01:56 PM

Jean Georges reservation

  • j

I have a 2 PM lunch reservation at J-G on Friday, Sept. 29th. I now cannot make it and have not cancelled yet.
If anyone wants this reservation, reply to this message and it's yours.

jeff bergman

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  1. What a great idea! Sorry I'm not available but I bet there is someone out there who is.

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    1. re: Stefany B.

      Indeed it was a smart idea! Hope Jeff's gotten some response via email.

      I'm trying to figure out a way to implement this as a feature of the site.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I'll keep the offer open until Monday at noon. If I get no replies by then, I'll cancel. This was my wife's birthday lunch, but a bunch of people wanted to come out with us and couldn't get off of work, so we decided to do a dinner instead. At Vong, which I know has gotten some bad press here, but we like it and you can go and have a loud, fun dinner there.