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Sep 18, 2000 01:00 AM

Around the Clock

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Please feel free to warn friends.

Wednesday night I ate dinner at "Round the Clock," a
restaurant located in the East Village on Third
Avenue and Sullivan. When I was done with my meal and
reached under my chair for my bag to get my wallet, I
discovered my entire bag was gone (which included all
my cash, blank checks, visa, and ATM cards). It
quickly became obvious how this was accomplished since
the table I ate at was against a metal fencing
making it very easy for anyone to reach between the
fence and grab my bag. Obviously, I was very
distraught. One would expect the waiter, or at least
the restaurant manager, to be sympathetic or at least
take an interest since one of his customers had just
been robbed. Our waiter didn't even bother to come
over, the manger I spoke to expressed disbelief,
reminded me that he wasn't responsible, and only
reluctantly took my number. Even after a women came
over and said that her bag and other people's
belongings had been stolen from this area the manager
insisted that nothing gets stolen from this restaurant!

I just wanted to send out this email to say that a restaurant that brushes off its customers, does not
deserve to have any of us as customers.

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  1. "Wednesday night I ate dinner at "Round the Clock," a
    restaurant located in the East Village on Third Avenue and Sullivan."

    That's 3rd and Stuyvesant St., and I'm very sorry for your loss, which I hope you reported to the police. It's clear that this isn't a fluke occurrence.

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    1. re: Michael

      So sorry about the theft you've undergone. It's amazing how paralyzing such experiences can be. You have my sympathies.

      Not to add to your tsuris, but I live not far from Around the Clock, but I haven't eaten there in ten years BECAUSE the last time I ate there TWO cockroaches waltzed rather brazenly and slowly across the table during our meal. The only reason the place survives is (a) it's fairly cheap, and (b) it's just south of one of NYU's ever-burgeoning dorm complexes. But there are so many other options within walking distance, I'm amazed such a mediocre slophouse survives.

      Again, sorry for your loss, Alona. Do notify the police, by all means.