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Sep 17, 2000 07:17 PM

3 nights in New York City

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Two moms are taking their daughters (21) to NYC for their first visit. We will be staying near Time Square. Please suggest your favorite lunch and dinner spots.Thanks for all your advice...signed 2 moms from Sac. CA

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  1. I'm sure I join others in welcoming you to and wishing you a wonderful time in New York. My best advice to you is to do a search on Times Square and Hell's Kitchen and read all the posts about restaurants in the area because this topic has been covered extensively already. Once you've read up, by all means ask more specific questions.

    1. One of my favs in the Theater District is B. Smith's (Eighth Ave. and 47th St./212-247-2222). The food is very good and original, and the crowd is lively. Jazz on the rooftop cafe in the evenings.

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        I think B. Smith's has closed or moved? There's a restaurant with another name at that location. Have no idea about the new operation.