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Sep 12, 2000 10:44 AM

Electric Tortilla Press

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I saw a post referring to an electric tortilla press from Vitantonio in a post last summer, and also a follow-up post asking about it, but no reply.
Where does one get an electric tortilla press? Is it 10" diameter for wraps? Do they work well?
Please respond to me personally

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  1. Sunny, Watch this space! Posting replies to these boards is encouraged, so that we may all benefit from the information. pat

    1. Try searching any search engine with the words, "tortilla press". Even Amazon is selling electric appliances now. I saw one in "The Baker's Catalogue", the catalogue for King Arthur's Flour. Try Dealtime or Mercata for bargains.


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        Frank Caballero

        I'm in the process of getting in the business of selling electric tortilla presses.They are simply fantastic,easy to operate and not expensive.You can make perfect tortillas immediatly.

      2. Did you find one? I am looking for one, too. Please help!