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Mar 4, 2002 01:41 PM

Banh Mi in San Jose

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I was at SJSU on Saturday. I'm not familiar with the area at all. I noticed that on Santa Clara there are a number of signs in Vietnamese and the wheels in my head started turning.

Sure enough, I walked back a different route to my car in the afternoon. Yep. Its there. On Seventh St. at Santa Clara. The tiny "Cali Sandwiches" ("Cali" part was very faded) has Banh Mi starting at $1.50 for a Veggie up to $2.00 for Fancy Pork. The place was busy, they had five tables for eating in, and they had the signature "Banh Mi Shop" look of jam-packed refridgerator display cases with piles of containers of exotic (to me) foodstuffs. I cannot vouch for the quality because I was still digesting a huge lunch.

My next class at the SJSU campus is on March 16th so I will go then and report back. Unless, of course, some South Bay Chowhound beats me to it.

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    Melanie Wong

    Oh, Rochelle, I know the feeling! Last night I went south instead of north by mistake on El Camino when I exited Lawrence down Sunnyvale/Santa Clara way and ended up driving by several blocks of Korean grocers and restaurants. So much new ground to explore - I almost felt like ringing my dinner companion and redirecting him to my new heading!

    Looking forward to reports from you and others on SJ Vietnamese.

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      In San Jose, I'd head towards the intersection of Tulley and King, which has the largest concentration of Vietnamese shops in the area. In the Lion Market shopping center, try the 7 courses of beef place (Ann Hong, a branch of the SF restaurant), the counters at the "Call me Dragon" food court, and Kim's sandwiches.

      There are so many restaurants in that area- anyone else have any recommendations?


      1. re: Josh F
        Melanie Wong

        Josh, thanks for the pointer to your earlier post. I remember being surprised at the time that it didn't evoke more response. My folks like the Vietnamese counters down by Tully, but they can never tell me exactly where they go. Maybe with the increased traffic on the site today we'll hear more about them.