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Sep 7, 2000 11:26 PM

Korean Tips

  • j

Another Daily News link. A so-so article on ethnic eating, but check out the sidebar (at the bottom) by a Korean computer programmer. Nothing REALLY new, but a nice rundown of some genuine Korean places, mostly in Manhattan's "Little Korea" nabe.

One thing, though: I'm underwhelmed by Mandoo Bar, which me and Wonki visited when they first opened. But most critics seem to agree with this guy's high opinion of them. Maybe they've gotten better; I have to try them again.


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  1. I'm totally thrown by the mention of Tripoli, and of the description of the wonderful meal the writer was served. As I said before, in addition to my abysmal experiences there I've heard horror stories from others. Perhaps her guide tipped them off? Not to sound paranoid or vengeful- it just struck me as odd in light of the recent posts about the place!