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Funky Broome...yet again.

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Great dinner there last night! We started out with the shrimp balls, which were crispy and tasty if pretty standard, and the marinated tofu, which came atop a pile of soft boiled peanuts and seemed more like bean curd skin. It reminded me of a favorite snack of mine - gluten and peanuts - which is a Good Thing. Next time, though, I'd like to bring someone a bit more adventurous and start out with one of the soups and a miniwok or something. My friend had sliced fish with minced garlic- firm pieces of fish with chopped greens and a really great garlicky tang. Jim, I agree with you about their use of garlic - there's got to be more to it than just sauteed chunks. I had clams with squash and preserved vegetables, which was one of the most flavorful dishes I've had in a while. The clams were awesome - small, briny, and a bit chewy - while the sauce (slightly sweet, slightly salty) complemented perfectly. We also opted for the yam shoots with garlic, which were simply outstanding and the most tender, rich-tasting greens I've had in recent memory. I can tell they're going to be an addiction, which is fine with me as I'm itching to go back with a larger (and perhaps more daring) group and try a lot more.

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  1. My joy was a starter called "salted snails." The waitress handed us a bowl of these darlings in broth and mimed sucking. My wife and I no longer need marriage counseling.