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Sep 5, 2000 08:48 PM

Casual place for a good long lunch in Manhattan

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I'll be visiting NYC soon and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice place in Manhattan for a long decadent lunch on a Monday or Tuesday.

Anything under $65 (without tax/tip, but including a glass or 2 of wine) for one person is fine. But having been spoilt by the good but casual restaurants in SF (I've lived here for 5 years) I wouldn't want a place that is dressy, especially for lunch.

I'd love to hear your recommendations and advice. Thank you in advance!

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  1. If you are in the Gramercy Park/Flatiron district, I can highly recommend Giorgios of Gramercy. It is on 21st Street (between B'way and Park Ave South). Mid-priced--a lovely little secret-- and wonderfully relaxed. Great selection of wines and the chef is not afraid of seasonings. Try the calimari!

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      the one time I was at Giorgio's the food was ok but the sound level was so high that I had to strain to hear the guy across the table from me. Not good. Ive had better and more pleasant lunches at both Campagna and La Pizza Fresca in the same nabe. You could also enjoy a relaxed lunch at Chicama on 18th if your tastes are a bit more adventurous. None of these places are exactly inexpensive, however.

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        Hell...push the budget a little and try Lespinasse, which is not exactly casual, but is actually quite accommodating to solo diners, has relaxed, reasonably priced set lunches (at dinnertime, it is one of the most expensive restaurants in New York), and has pretty swell food--including the best suckling pig in town. And you can dress as elaborately as you please.