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Sep 5, 2000 05:39 PM

Sentosa - Malaysian Rest. in Chinatown ?

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While passing by Allen St. yesterday, I say a
Malay restaurant called Sentosa. Has anyone ventured
into this place ? From the bus (M15) I could not
make out much, it is before the Gas station on the
corner of E-Bwy and Allen.

Thanks in advance, maybe next time I'm in that neighborhood I might drop by.


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    Robert Sietsema

    I like Sentosa a lot. It's Singaporean, been open about a year, and the best dishes are the peanut pancakes, pasembur (a salad that includes shrimp fritters and a bunch of other stuff), and beef rendang, an Indonesian import. I'm surprised you didn't also spot the other Malaysian, Proton Saga, on the same block.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema
      Anil Khullar

      Proton Saga must have missed my attention.
      I plan to explore the edges of the neighborhood.


      1. re: Anil Khullar
        Robert Sietsema

        Don't, whatever you do, miss Spring Boy Fuzhou, about two blocks up Allen on the same side of the street.

      2. re: Robert Sietsema
        Chris Armstrong

        Has anyone tried Ipoh, which is at 13 Eldridge Street, a block north of the East Broadway Station of the F train? They look like a Cantonese noodle shop, but they aren't. They're Malaysian.

        I've had some great meals there, and it's very inexpensive.


      3. i've been to sentosa twice since reading this post, and have been alarmed at the apalling service both times.

        sat and sat, ignored. once, i had to walk up to the steam table to ask if anyone was going to take my order.

        then the food took a very long time to arrive. parenthetically, the place was freezing cold both times, as well.

        i'm not going back.