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Sep 5, 2000 02:25 PM

Middle Eastern Place at SE Corner of Bedford & Carmine

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Anyone know the merits (?) of the Middle Eastern restaurant at the SE corner of Bedford and Carmine? It's been there a long time - I think the name of the place may be The Magic Carpet but I'm guessing.

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  1. Make that NE Corner

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    1. re: Joe D.
      Jessica Shatan

      It is Magic Carpet. It can be convenient for a decent quick lunch or dinner, works well alone or with a group from 2--12 or so. I always enjoy the middle easter platter: very fresh baba ganoush, hummous, grape leaves etc. The hummous and baba were lemony and garlicky and fresh wth yummy olive oil floating on top, and lots of warm pita to dip into it. Cheap, too.
      One caveat: I haven't been in several years.

      1. re: Joe D.

        Ate there in spring for a light supper. It was very good and fresh, better than I expected, but didn't set any new standards. I had kibbe balls, good, fresh salads, and good labne, from what I recall. Big portions.

      2. REALLY GOOD stuffed lamb!!!! i wish i could get teh recipe. they have thin slivers of lamb over top of a bed of rice that had raisins (i think), nuts and all this other great stuff in it. the serving was huge and the price was really reasonable (for NY). i think i was less than 15$. i would definately recommend it.