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Sep 5, 2000 01:38 PM

Old New York atmosphere for a party

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I am recently engaged and my mother is kindly offering to throw an engagement party for us. I am looking for a place with Old New York atmosphere to have such a party -- just drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I already spoke to the people at Campbell Apartment and it costs $7500 to close the place for 3 hours -- that's before you start paying for drinks and food. So I'm afraid that's a little out of our price range. I've been scouring my brain for other ideas, but can't come up with any...Any thoughts????

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    Jessica Shatan

    You might investigate Moran's in Chelsea.. my friend had her wedding there and was very pleased with the price, service and old NY charm.
    See my post about it from several months back by clicking on the link below.


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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      Second that motion on Moran's, although I'm not sure if they'll do just a cocktail reception. (10th Avenue and 19th Street; 212 627-3030.)

      We had our wedding there (one year ago this past weekend, in fact) and it was excellent - everything was perfect _ the food, the service, the atmosphere. Very reasonably priced for Manhattan. It's all hard wood polished floors and walls, Waterford crystal in the shelves, hammered tin ceilings, stained glass. It's got a fabulous bar. Real old fashioned Irish place.

      Tom Murphy is the events coordinator there and he is the best. Let's just say he didn't even break a sweat when my husband's 90-year-old great aunt had a stroke in the middle of our cocktail hour.

      We just went back for our anniversary yesterday.


    2. Don't know if its still there but an old favorite of mine in the village might make for a fun party. Chumley's is the name of the place and it has all the charm of a former speakeasy with a literary feel to it. No sign on the street (and it was this way before it became common).It's near the intersection of Barrow and Bedford. Anyone else know the place?

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      1. re: TBOO
        Nicole Verity

        Chumley's is alive and well! It is at 86 Bedford and if you don't know it is there, you will miss the door! They have 3 big old Labradors who patrol the sawdust strewn floor for dropped food, a great cozy fireplace, a happenin' jukebox, and one of the best beer selections in the village. It used to be a speakeasy and still has that flavor.

        Try the shepherd's pie, the hamburger, or just the beer! It is always crowded but in a homey sort of way. Prices are very reasonable.

      2. Try "Keens Chop House" on 36th (bet 5th and 6th). One of the first resturants in NYC. Take the tour of the various rooms, including the "Lincoln room" where you will see the original Playbill that Lincoln was holding when shot!!(The dried blood was a nice touch!!)

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        1. re: John

          I second the motion for Keens. I finally ate there recently (I'd tried to go to the bar a few times but it's always packed with cigar-smoking businessboys) and was incredibly pleased with the place, the food, and the professional service.

          Unfortunately I haven't yet tried the food at Bill's Gay '90s but it looks great inside and I think they have private rooms. It's in a townhouse with a few floors.

        2. I haven't been there in a few years but The Landmark Tavern on 46th and 11th has two seperate floors above the bar ( with gas lamps, antiques, fireplaces etc.)In fact everything is really OLD and funky. They also have a great service staff. Seems like a perfect place for your party. Good Luck

          1. Another possibility is Harry's at Hanover Square. It's in an old commercial building (the old cotton exchange maybe?) I was there recently for a corporate event in one of the private rooms upstairs, and it was nicely done.