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Sep 5, 2000 12:38 PM

Tribeca kinda cheap? and definitely fun.

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Hi everyone,

Anybody know of a cheap to mid priced good and fun place that a group of 12 people might be able to get into tomorrow evening in the Tribeca/Soho area?

This might seem a like a lot to ask but the company I work for is taking me and several of my co workers out to dinner tomorrow night in this area and OF COURSE no one can come up with a viable place.

We're hoping for not super fancy, more like decent and alot of fun.

Thanks for any input!


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  1. Even though the bar scene is packed (and disgusting), there's often lots of room in the dining rooms (and there's a 'party room' upstairs for large groups), the food is much better than it gets credit for (often as good as the 'upscale' mexicans in Manhattan that inexplicably get raves; although el teddy's is more authentic Mex in theory than execution, it still tastes good - be sure to get sides of the nicely lardy refritos, and the sweet plantains in mole), and it's GREAT for an easy, fun time, thanks to the fantastic margaritas (don't get carried away by the tequila choices, the nuances of differrent tequilas often get lost in margaritas, it's more important to just know if you want white or gold - I'd stick with El Tesoro, which is, incidentally, what the bartenders there drink, or so a friend that used to work there told me).

    Sorry for the strangest run-on sentence I've ever written. El Teddy's is a fun & reasonably affordable place for a group, and you can usually get in.

    If you want Italian and wine, try Pepolino.


    1. Tribeca cheap? I doubt it. You could see whether Nyonya Malaysian restaurant on Grand between Mulberry and Mott could fit all of you on a week night, but I am under the impression that they don't take reservations, and you might wait a long time to get seated. How about Harmony Palace on Mott St. just north of Canal? Is that close enough to your designated area? They are good about taking reservations for large parties. I haven't been there in a while, but I always found in the past that they were a good place for dinner with parties of 5 and higher. Or you could try another big Chinese eating hall like Golden Unicorn, Jing Fong (I know these personally only for their dim sum). Or how's this: Sweet N' Tart on Mott St. north of Chatham Square? Out of your area, but interesting food and enough floors to accomodate all of you somewhere. Another idea (Chinese again): Congee Village, Allen just south of Delancey. Their food is interesting, and they serve a lot of banquet food.

      Then again, what's "cheap" to you? If over $30/person is cheap, your range of available restaurants will be much broader. But I don't get it. If your company is taking you out, they're paying. So why not ask for a fancier place and see if they'll treat you to it?

      I just got another idea: I've never been there, but L'ecole intrigues me. You know, the cafe of the Institut Culinaire de New York? They have a rather inexpensive prix fixe for the French food they serve.

      I hope my lengthy brainstorming was of some help, and not totally useless. Bon appetit and bon divertiment wherever you go!