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Mar 4, 2002 12:21 PM

puntarella/puntarelle salad greens

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Does anyone know where to buy them or a Bay Area restaurant that serves them? It's time to send to Cook's Garden for seeds if I'm going to plant them this spring but I'd like to taste them first. A friend had them in Italy, said they were delicious, also expensive to buy. Apparently because they're hard to prepare or clean.

I know they're a chicory and wondered if they taste like dandelion greens which are wonderful in a salad
with sorrel leaves and balsamic. Though dandelion greens you can almost always find at Whole/Real Foods or Rainbow, and sorrel grows in my garden as a perennial, I've never seen puntarelle anywhere.

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  1. Star Route Farms, which sells at the Embarcadero Farmers Market on Sat. mornings, occasionally has them. They are long, strappy greens --I haven't had them in salad, only cooked.

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      This green is a chicory and related to escarole , endive, frise -- a thick, pale green leaf/stems with very little that you could call "leaves". A little bitter, like the others in this group. Mainly a salad green , use like frise. the romans love it dress it with plenty of anchovies.