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Sep 1, 2000 12:59 AM

cooking classes

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Does anyone know of any good but fairly inexpensive cooking classes in this town? I've checked out the new school and most of the serious cooking schools in the area and they all seem to be expensive and short (1-5 classes).

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  1. check out Peter Kump's cooking school at 50 W 23 st...
    have good experience with is:

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    1. re: irene
      Elizabeth Ellers

      I agree. I've taken a number of classes at Peter Kump's, including 6-week series on both pastry and wine, and a number of single sessions (Norman Weinstein's one-night class on knife skills is great). I've never been disappointed. In fact, I had my 40th birthday party there -- and it was a big hit with my friends.

      1. re: Elizabeth Ellers

        Couldn't agree more. Just got done with Introduction to Fine Cooking (I) at Peter Kump's. It wasn't too expensive, was 25 hours long (which I think is enough to really accomplish something and learn a lot of techniqes), and was a perfect combination of serious and fun. Plus, the quality of the facilities and the food were fantastic.