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Aug 31, 2000 12:07 PM


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We're possibly going to Luahn this weekend. Has anyone been or heard anything about it? (I did search but came up empty-handed...) Thanks!

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  1. i haven't been there, but it's gotten some good reviews. this weekend is probably a good time to go as the city won't be so crowded for labor day holiday. here is the exact website addy for an editorial review :

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      Thanks for the help! Unfortunately, I just found out that I won't get to try Luahn this time around - 11 p.m. was the only time they could take us. Some unexpected visitors are arriving, and so we were looking for a place on short notice. Emboldened by the article in the Sunday Times which mentioned that it was often easy to get a table over the holiday weekend, I got myself all worked up about trying some new places that I'd had my eye on and called around despite the eleventh hour nature of my request. I was a bit unsuccessful, to say the least. Short notice is still short notice - sigh.

    2. I thought Luahn was surprisingly solid. It's a scene and all that, but the food stands on its own. If you do get a chance to go, try the clams and mussels in the claypot--they are unbelievably good. The chef serves them in a hickory smoked tomato broth that screams bacon but doesn't have a stitch in it. I scraped the pot clean. That alone is worth the visit. I'm going back just to sit and the bar and eat that dish.