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Aug 30, 2000 03:04 PM

i crave pb&j

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I know SOMEONE on this board must know the name and location of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich place in the west village? Could you please e-mail me the name and location? And what your favorite variations on the theme are as well, if you like.
Thanks in advance!
Siri Wilson

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  1. It's "Peanut Butter & Co." - 240 Sullivan St., between Bleecker & West 3rd. - 677-3995. Haven't been there, but I'm a traditionalist. Gotta be crunchy pb, minimal grape or strawberry jelly, basic white bread. Maybe, if I'm going to town, it might be toasted.

    1. Peanut Butter & Co. at 240 Sullivan

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      1. re: Jill

        I walked by yesterday - they're closed for renovations "until early September". So your craving may have to wait!

      2. Peanut Butter & Co. is a cute idea, but don't go if you want a straight-up PB&J--not worth $5, and I've had better at crappy delis.

        I'm a crunchy pb (100% peanuts, but not one of the natural brands with separating oils) and real raspberry jelly (seeds but no clumps; Deer Mountain is nice) on Wonder bread man, though there's something to be said for bananas & honey (I did make a nice almond butter, fresh fig & honey sandwich the other day--on Wonder bread, [un]naturally--but I suppose that's a leap). If the bread isn't super soft, toast it. And for crying out loud, DON'T butter the friggin' bread, just pb both slices so the jelly won't seep. I wanted to strangle my best friend's mom as a child (this being one of many reasons).


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        1. re: Nils

          I used to enjoy PB on buttered saltines. There wasn't enough fat for me in the saltines and PB. I really like how butter tastes with crackers and PB, but I tend to go for a bit less fat these days.

          1. re: Nils

            What/where is to be found 100 percent-peanut PB that does not separate? Never seen nor heard of that. And anyway, if you store the jar upside-down and give a good stir with your knkife, separation's not much of a problem.

            1. re: Caitlin

              The key is to eat it all up fast enough so that
              it has no time to separate. I've never found
              separation a problem for the Skippy extra crunchy.

              1. re: christina z

                Skippy, Jif, etc. will never separate. That's what all that added hydrogenated vegetable oil is for; it keeps the whole mess hydrogenated, so no liquid oil separates out. But that is *not* 100 percent-peanut PB; it also contains sugar, preservatives, etc. One hundered percent-peanut PB contains nothing but peanuts and salt, if you buy a salted version. Therefore, there is nothing to keep it from separating, and it will do so withing a week usually (longer if kept in the fridge). Most, if not all, 100 percent-peanut PBs are labeled "natural" or "old-fashioned," so I was wondering what, in fact, Nils was referring to.

                1. re: Caitlin

                  I was referring to the brands which are hydrogenated, preserved, etc. but without added sugar. Since I rarely eat PB&Js, I keep fresh-ground peanut butter in my fridge (tastes better and separates less than prepackages natural 100% pb) for eating straight, sauces, etc., but for my ideal PB&J sandwich, let's keep that liquid oil incorporated.

                  I also agree that plastic pb jars suck.


              2. re: Caitlin

                While it does separate a little, Smuckers makes a great, not-too-oily natural peanut butter. AND it comes in a glass jar. When Skippy started using plastic, I finally made the switch to non-hydrogenated peanut butter -- took a little getting used to (MUCH less sweet, coarser texture), but definitely worth it taste and health-wise.

                I keep one of the tiny jars of Skippy on hand for the rare craving for childhood PB&J -- on a good white bread like Pepperidge Farm, lightly toasted, with Smucker's red raspberry preserves.

                A friend once posed the question "If you had to eat only one thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday what would it be?" For me, it'd be PB&J on toast.

                1. re: Lisa Z

                  Since moving to NYC, I often buy Smucker's PB. There is a creditable version available under the Master Choice house brand at A&P/Food Emporium, too. If you store the jar upside down, the oil stays incorporated better and separates less.

                  I grew up eating natural, 100 percent-peanut PB, and I cannot abide Skippy, etc. Yech. So sweet and sticky.

              3. re: Nils
                Jessica Shatan

                Unless you are a totally staunch traditionalist I think PB & Co. is very good!
                I personally don't like the Smuckers Natural PB and so was wary that this would be too all-natural but PB & Co. strikes a really nice balance of smooth and creamy and gummy like Skippy but just fresher and more 'real'. Of course these is a chunky as well as chocolate PB, white chocolate PB, cinnamon-raisin PB (my fave), and spicy PB (really spicy!!).
                They make some fun sandwiches like the cinnamon-raisin PB with sliced apples or the spicy PB with grilled chicken or the "black-forest" with choc PB/coconut/raspberry jam.
                I also like the PB milkshakes where they add PB to a vanilla or chocolate shake.
                And they do make trad sandwiches so don't worry! The whiote bread is good but more like Pepperidge Farm than Wonder.
                Also good is the sampler of all the PBs with melba toast, carrot & celery sticks and apple wedges.
                Try it, you might be pleasently surprised (and they do have chicken salad and tuna salad sandiwiches, too.)