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Aug 30, 2000 11:04 AM

Funky Broome

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Just read Jim's piece on his recent visit. Went their with a serious foodie friend a couple of weeks ago and had a generally terrific lunch. One dish that we had that really stood out was razor clams in a spicy black bean sauce. The clams were extremely tasty and tender.

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  1. There are indeed great things here. Hey, if anybody wants to contribute lists of successful dishes here, I'll merge the whole into a reference article. I'll bet in a couple of days we can compile a pretty authoritative list (if anyone recommends a dish someone HASN'T liked, please speak up, so we can also track inconsistencies)

    I suspect Eric Asimov may have been right on when he suggested that almost all the seafood dishes are good. Razor clams sound like a smart order.


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      Went to Funky Broome on Sunday and it was a revelation! Almost everything was delicious. The restaurant was about 3/4s full, mostly Chinese diners. And we didn't find the service spacy at all. They were down-right attentive to the point of hovering.

      The hands-down winner dish for me was whole steamed sea bass in black bean sauce. The fresh succulence of the fish played amazingly well with the earthy, nutty scallion-tinged bean sauce (not the gloopy bean sauce that i'm familiar with, but rather brothy in body). We also had the great Crispy Chicken with preserved veggies. The half of chicken -- on the bone -- was hacked into managable pieces with crispy brown skin (reminiscent of a peking-duck-like preparation) and moist meat served atop a hashed up pile of salty preserved veggies. We had one of the house specials stir-fried crab w/ dried scallop and egg sauce that my parents really liked but I thought it was sort of gloppy with not enough crabmeat. Its served as a white mass (egg whites and broth i'm guessing) with pieces of crab poking through with an egg yolk on top that you stir all together. It was good on that "comfort food" scale of savory and creamy. For starters we had chinese sausages w/ preserved veggies: spicy, oily (in a good way), contrasting textures, definitely yummy; and we also had outstanding Shrimp Balls (kind of pedestrian but I loved them: very dim-sumy). The only thing none of us liked were the Fried Fish cakes. They were fishy-tasting and franky nothing special at all.

      Regardless, I'm counting the days until I head back to Funky Broome.

      1. re: marion

        My friend told me he was bringing me to a new Chinese restaurant near work. I diodn't realize it was the place my fellow Chowhounders were posting about til I got there.
        Not knowing what to order we just ordered cheap meals on rice. I had the beef with preserved vegetables. It was just ok. The scallion pancake was different from the usual. I liked it, it was really crispy like a giant fried wonton skin. My friend had the Budhist delight which was a bit bland.
        Next time I will be more adventourous. Has anyone tried the dished in the bamboo logs? Would like to hear about them. Anyone try their hardshell crab dishes?