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Aug 29, 2000 06:20 PM

Portuguese dining

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My Portuguese Mom turns 83 next week and I'm looking for a good Portuguese (not Brazilian) restaurant to take her and my 14-year-old to so we can celebrate. I know of Pao and Alfama, but don't know anyone who's eaten there recently. Any preferences or other places to recommend? Specific dishes to order? Or a particularly good variation of cod? Many thanks.

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  1. Luzia's on the upper west - 80's and amsterdam I think _ is great. I ate there several times a few years ago.

    I'm not a meat eater, but friends have loved the hearty stuff - especially a sausage appetizer that is cooked in a little ceramic pig at your table. (In a cute, Seinfeldian way, the waiter kept yelling at us "DO NOT touch the Pig!!! It is HOT!! Hot!!") I recall phenomenal mashed potatoes and they actually had a great veggie dish too - composed of all the side dishes of the day, which was excellent and creative.

    Good wine list, good prices, really friendly service, kind of cramped, but I think they expanded recently.

    Good luck!