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Aug 23, 2000 11:46 AM

Interesting critique of ADNY and the media surrounding it (link)

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Just read this editorial and was interested to find that it touched on many of the same points I've speculated about ADNY (haven't been there yet, but have been to Le Louis XV). Finally some sanity in America. -Caution: Side Note- And in relation to the Philadelphia Inquirer review linked within this editorial let me make one thing clear, I live in Philly and the reviewer is an idiot. We have an "emporer's new clothes" phenomena with Le Bec Fin. The sheer mention of Perrier's pretentious chunk of marble with names like Jean Georges and Daniel is insulting in itself. :whew: sorry about that, I get a little agrivated... anyway check out the link.


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  1. Fat Guy makes certain good points about the food press. However, his comment about Jonathan Gold (I suspect) has more to do with his own hidden agenda.

    Way before your time here on chowhound, check out this exchange (see link below)

    There were other exchanges between him and Al Pastor too.


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    1. re: greg

      That's nothing. For an inkling of the depths of Shaw's seething mass of agendas, resentments, and conflicts, have yourself a hoot at how he links to this (chohwound) site


      1. re: greg

        Ah yes, I recall that reply of Jonathan's with much satisfaction. pat

        1. re: greg
          Nathaniel Axel

          I do believe you're missing what I was saying. I can fully agree with you about the extent of fat guy's knowledge (notice that he merely runs a website as opposed to running a review column in the times), and I personaly disagree with him on many points (such as his inability to appreciate the subtlties within Chanterelles reduction sauces and strong flavors), but, I feel that his position in the world of critic-ing is part of what allows him to write with the grounded outsider view about ADNY, besides the press hype (lots of reporters/critics were pissed about not being able to receive special treatment, reservations, etc.). Personal comments aside, such as his attack on Post review Cuazzo, I feel that his assesment of the restaurant is a little bit of sanity in the insane media feeding frenzy.

          1. re: Nathaniel Axel

            > "notice that he merely runs a website as opposed to running a review column in the times"

            This has nothing to do with food, but I would advise you not to think that there is ANY correlation between a person's job or official function and that person's knowledge, honesty or skills (then again, I can't even manage to keep my website updates, that probably makes me a total moron who should be ignored :-) )


        2. oh, and by the way, Jonathan Gold has TONS more knowledge about food and cuisines than old hobbyist fat guy (shaw)