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Aug 21, 2000 04:53 PM

Dinner near Orpheum Theater (7th st & 2nd Ave)

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Hi, I'm an out of towner in NY Fri night.

Looking for a suggestion on a place to go pre-theatre within walking distance of above location.

I'm fairly foodie-ish, and adventurous. Price unimportant, must have one vegetarian option. Will be eating 6 ish so hopefully reservations won't be a huge headache.

Thanks chowhounds. FYI the previous recommendations for my two previous trips to NY were Tabla and Cafe Boulud and I loved them both !!! Also liked Mesa Grill.

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  1. I would got to Frank's. It's a small Itailan restaurant on 2nd ave. near 4th St. Get there early. The food is very homey, like that of an Itailian mom's. I would order the Buffalo Mozzerella for a starter. I also like their pasta and meat sauce. I had a nicely pounded and fried pork chop on my last visit which also was delicious. My husband likes their salmon.
    Another alternative is to go to an Indian restaurant on 6th St. They're not the best but Mitali East is fine, my old favorite (going there for 12 years) was Milon on 1st ave. But the food is just ok these days, but it's VERY cheap and BYOB.

    1. j
      Jessica Shatan

      I would recommend I COPPI on 9th St. and 1st Ave. I haven't been but it has been highly recommended to me. It's italian, somewhat upscale, I believe it may be tuscan. Not cheap but not expensive. And the food is supposed to be very good. Being italian a vegetarian option won't be a problem.

      Another option is FIVE POINTS on Bond between Lafayette and 4th (I think) and there is a lot of fish if your vegetarian will eat that. I ate there before seeing Bomb-itty of Errors on Bleecker St.

      If price is no object I would skip the 6th St. indian as another poster suggested, and make a nicer evening out of it.

      You can search this board for either I Coppi or Five Points. Have fun!

      1. If you go to i Coppi, I'd recommend the melanzane pasta for your vegetarian friend. It's sort of like a supernal eggplant parmagiana.

        If it's a nice night, they have a lovely garden in back. And to answer Jessica's question -- yes, it is Tuscan.