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Aug 21, 2000 04:33 PM

good food and outdoor dining

  • j

I am looking for a place that has good food that isn't too expensive ($15 to $30 entrees)and has a great outdoor garden. It would be perfect if it were somewhere downtown as well. Any suggestions?

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    I recently had a nice dinner at VITORRIO'S on Bleecker, west of 7th Ave. on the South side of the St.
    I usually avoid a lot of the places on Bleecker but my friend from Naples who is also on a student budget (and lives on Jones St.) has a good nose for the good places.
    It was not too crowded at about 9:20 on a Sat. night, nice big garden which you couldn't tell from the front.
    The 2 of us spent $30 each (incl. tax/tip) for a half carafe of white wine, 2 appetizers: a sausage dish, (forgot the name) and tasty tender calamari in tomato sauce with olives, onions, garlic and capers. Then they insisted on the WHEEL for our main pasta dish--very fresh fettucine that was still al dente and not soggy like some fresh pasta can be, that is tossed table side in a wheel of parmasan that has had most of the cheese cut out. The waiter tosses for a while and the result is almost like an infusion of parm with no sauce or gooey-ness. Kinda gimmicky but really good!! (2 person minimum for the wheel.)
    Oh and the bread basket was good: 3 "pizzette" (little rounds of pizza dough with a blush of tomato sauce) and 3 big warm GOOD rolls and olive oil natch.

    1. Gascgone on 8th Ave btwn 17/18 remains my favorite outdoor garden.