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Aug 19, 2000 11:44 AM

Tindo Adventure

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First visit, Sat 6:30pm, the place was empty. We were given a window seat where we watched the passing parade, exotic "old law tenement"area for us even tho we are born-and-bred NYers. Our waiter spoke English & advised us not to order 2 portions of squid, that one serving was enough for the two of us. That first visit was a joy, & we couldn't understand why it was empty until we were almost finished. Then another round-eyed couple came in. Since then, I've gone alone at lunchtime where the tables are full & I am the only round-eyes & have a great (#807 again). Love walking around the area, unknown to me until I read of Tindo.Was advised to try #804 by waiter,"golden crispy prawns w/mayo sauce & walnuts". Next time.

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    Jonathan Mondschein

    After eating there for the first time this past March, I finally was able to convince two friends to meet me there yesterday. There is a restaurant with another name there now with a menu that doesn't seem to have a vestige of Tindo's. This is no joke!

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    1. re: Jonathan Mondschein

      can anyone confirm this isn't a hoax?

      I'm breathing deep in the meanwhile.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Go see for yourself. It ain't a hoax. Don't shoot the messenger.

        1. re: Jonathan

          No, you're right (we've discussed it at length in another thread on this board). Forgive my anguish, it wasn't directed at you!!

          So where are you eating now instead?

          My life is so empty now.....