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Aug 18, 2000 10:35 AM


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Any reports on Cacique in the WTC area (94-1/2 Greenwich Street)? Their menu (Jamaican)looks great, but they had just closed when we reached the top of the steps. (They're open 10-6 most days). We're rarely in the neighborhood but I'm intrigued now.

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  1. Cacique is OK. But my favorite in the area is "Gary's Hot Spot". Gary started with two food carts - one on Ann St. right by J&R Music World and one that you probably walked past, on Greenwich, just south of Liberty right beside the firehouse. The carts are lunch only and have a fanatically devoted following among Jamaicans in the downtown area. I was out walking last week and I stumbled across a new storefront on Church St - seems Gary is now cooking there as the offical home of the cart based food. BTW, these carts are among the cleanest I have ever seen, and Gary is a serious food guy. When you try the food, you will see he is not fooling around. My favorie is a plate of oxtail, cabbage and mac & cheese. Try Cacique too for comparison - the menus are almost identical to Gary's. It's more of a sitdown place, cafeteria style.

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      Thanks for your speedy reply! Sounds great.
      We'll try to hit the area some lunchtime.