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Aug 14, 2000 03:38 PM

Looking for great Mozzerella!! and Italian bread

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Ok!, my Jersey Garden is starting to bring forth the beautiful, flavorful New Jersey Tomatoes!! I need to find some great Mozzerella and a great Italian bread for dunking!! I need this to be in Manhattan, I do not think there is either good cheese or bread in New Jersey! By the way....for those near Arthur Avenue, Brnx go over to "Addio's Bakery" for the best Italian bread in the area!!
Caio, John

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  1. go to casa de mozarella arthur ave and 187th st. also try terranova bakery down the block on 187th enjoy

    1. I like the big oval country breads displayed in the side window of the Italian Food Center on Grand Street - they are great for soaking up tomato juice, the milk from mozzarella and olive oil. These also keep very well for several days if you stand them cut side down on a cutting board or simply leave them in their paper bag and cut off the dried end when ready to eat (do not put these breads in a plastic bag; they will go stale). Actually, I think this bread is made in NJ.

      Alleva's, directly across Mulberry Street, has excellent freshly made mozzarella.

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        Russo's on E 11th St. between 1st and 2nd Ave. has great mozzerella cheese. While you are there you can stop into Venieros for your dessert! mmmm!

        1. re: Michele

          I second Russo's at 11th and First Avenue. In the old days they used to smoke their cheese in the street. Their Mozzeralla is the best and I used to go there after getting my tomatoes at the Union Sq. Market. I can't remember what their bread was like but go there for the cheese.

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            Gosh, it must be East Village day at the site! Kurowycky's, POP, Russo's . . . .

            I love tiny Russo's too. During the week they have truly succulent fresh sausage. There's also quite a wide selection of fresh pasta. But the mozzarella is the best in a twenty-block radius.

          2. re: Michele

            Had dinner the other night at Babbo. The food was totally sensational and the bread was extraordinary. The waiter said it came from the Sullivan Street Bakery. Its internal structure was dense, chewy, full of uneven holes that make for great texture, with a wheaty sour flavor that needed neither olive oil nor butter to enhance its taste. The crust had its own character--crisp and charred just enough to establish this loaf as the staff of life. If I lived around there, that would be my daily bread.

            1. re: Toby

              I'm with you all the way on the Sullivan St. bread; for my money, the most character-ful loaf in town (though it will ultimately hurt your jaw as much as Grape Nuts).

              They carry it at Ferucci's on 1st Ave btwn. 10th & 11th, right around the corner from Russo's. The farmer's market-Russo's-Ferucci's triad has become a ritual for me this tomato season.

              1. re: Steven Stern

                They also carry Sullivan St. Bakery baguettes at Eden "Farmer's Market" on Fourteenth just east of Fifth Avenue on the north side of the street. Quite a place. You have to watch their prices--there are some great bargains and some great ripoffs. But it's a pretty amazing resource. They always have fresh anchovies, cockles, a zillion cheeses and olive oils, and prime meats at very good prices.

                There's a newish bakery on University Place called La Baguette that bakes fresh rolls and baguettes PERPETUALLY. Often the bread is HOT when you buy it. The texture is totally different from Sullivan Street. It's extremely tender with a crackly, flakey crust, and the flavor is unusually salty. It's only $1.50 per baguette. I like to alternate with Sullivan, because while it's great gnawing, it truly leaves your jaws feeling arthritic.

                1. re: Tom Steele

                  Sullivan Street baguettes are available at all Garden of Edens ( 14th near 5th, 23rd bet. 6-7, 3rd and I think 22nd) It is also available at the Grand Central Market. It is IMHO the best baguette in NY for people with their own natural teeth as well as good taste.

                  1. re: Stefany B.

                    Also, amazingly enough, there is a sign on a farmstand in Peconic on the North Fork of Long Island which says Sullivan Street Bread is sold there fresh daily. We had always instructed our friends to bring it out to us when they visited!! We have three "real" Northern Italians in the household who love it. And if you happen to be out there, Bruce's Emporium in Greenport has an amazingly fresh and exotic cheese selection, including fresh mozzarella.

        2. There is no contest when it comes to cheese in N.Y.C. and especially fresh mozzarella...

          DiPala's at 206 Grand Street is an experience in and of itself. You could go there on a weekend morning and you'll get enough hand-outs to fill up. Their mozzarella, made fresh in several varieties (i.e salt content) every morning, is unbeatable!

          1. j
            Jessica Shatan

            My favorite hands down for mozzarella is Joe's Dairy on Sullivan just below Houston. The smoked, or the salted. Have it at room temp., natch and you will be in heaven. I think they are closed Sun. and Mon. It's a million times better than Balduccis and way cheaper. Across the st. is Peppe Rosso To Go which I am sure you have read about on these boards.
            Someone tried to turn me on to the mozzarella at Faicco's Pork Store on Bleecker and while it was impressive it just didn't have that incredible tender texture of Joe's.
            Enjoy your tomatoes... I'm jealous. I have a yummy cold tomato sauce recipe from Christopher Idone's Salad Days--not sure if that's the correct author name.

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              Rebecka via Paris

              Have you gotten enough suggestions!? Here's another - Todaro Brothers at 555 2nd Ave, between 30 & 31st streets. The have fresh Moz, the best Italian olive oils, bread baked fresh every morning, and a huge selection of fresh salads and dishes, like roasted veggies, etc. Also, if you like Italian sausage... beware, you gain a few lbs. just entering the shop! Bring the platinum card, though, they know how to charge! Todaro Bros. tel (212) 532-0633.

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                Since I work in 31st street that is the best recommendation yet!!! I will give them a shot!