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Aug 12, 2000 05:23 PM

Cookies!!! - Where to find in NYC?

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Dessert freaks looking for the best NYC cookies - delicious, creative and unique.

Any suggestions??

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    Adam Stephanides

    Black Hound, at 170 2nd Ave. (979-9505; somewhere around 10th St., I think), makes excellent, creative cookies. They're small cookies, not the huge ones you usually see in NYC.


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    1. re: Adam Stephanides

      Try Ellen's cookies in Chelsea Market. Great ginger, everything, chocolate chocolate chip.

      For great Italian Cookies, try Veniero's on the lower east side.

      1. re: maureen

        Veneiro's is pretty. And sells pretty cookies. But I've never, in many years, had a bite or sip of anything at all there that made me want to take a second bite or sip.

        I think it's the most overrated bakery in NYC (unless H & H Bagels counts as a bakery)

        just my opinion...


        1. re: Jim Leff
          Jessica Shatan

          The only commercial-type bakery cookies I like are from Greenburg's or John Vie. I don't like Veneiro's either. The good thing about John Vie is if you want a holiday-theme doecorated cookie that is actually edible.
          Other than that I second Black Hound and also put in votes for Once Upon a Tart (try the almond-cornmeal biscotti as well as the cookies, the decorated ones change all the time) on Sullivan St. and Olive's (the Cowboy Cookies) on Prince St. Taylors is good too if you like huge and sweet. A really fresh pignoli nut cookie from Bruno's on LaGuardia or Rocco's on Bleecker is nice, too. Also Marquet on 13th I believe.
          Personally, when it comes to cookies, I make my own.

          1. re: Jessica Shatan

            the chocolate-chip pecan cookies at the bakery at balthazar knock me on my behind. they use vahlrona chocolate and they're the perfect crunchiness. the other essential item that i remember to thank a benevolent creator for in my prayers every night and am compelled to stop by balthazar's for on a regular basis is their chocolate madeleine. i don't know quite how something can be so wonderful.

          2. re: Jim Leff

            RE: Veniero's, you are right about most of their desserts, but a number of their cookies, such as the pignoli cookies are first rate.

            As an aside, have you ever tried my husband's restaurants, Cinque Terre or La Grolla and what do you think?

            1. re: maureen

              "Cinque Terre or La Grolla "

              haven't tried them, but your honest disclosure and non-hypey approach make me want to.


              1. re: Jim Leff

                Hope you will give them a try -- I would be interested in your feedback. My husband is from San Remo - one is ligurian and one is val d'aostan and both quite authentic.

                - ci vediamo.

          3. re: maureen

            When you said Ellen's, did you mean Eleni's Cookies? They are wonderful! I haven't been to Chelsea Market, but I get them at Jefferson Market (in bags). I like the "everything" cookie best, but YMMV.

            1. re: Amy

              You are right -- my memory failed me. It is Eleni's and her hand painted cookies are also terrific and very edible!

        2. Unfortunately, 'creative' doesn't always sell well. So, you may find something terrific and unique one day and then never see it again.

          I've recently re-discovered the cookies at City Bakery. They're traditional (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter) - but excellent.

          1. Check the What's My Craving board for a discussion on cookies - under the topic Need Good Cookies for the Hamptons.

            1. Cookies and Couscous south of 3rd St. on Thopmson, I believe, has the most sublime cookies, sorbet and couscous. The maestro is named Moka Orchid. You will not find better.