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Aug 12, 2000 12:56 PM

Village Lantern vs Juniper Cafe vs Zinno vs Knickerbocker

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I'm looking for a venue for a low-key bachelorette party, about 12 people.

Requirements: Live jazz (nothing too avant garde), but not a hard-core musicy clientele (it's not a rowdy crew, but we'd like to be able to talk without annoying anyone), good food, not too expensive (ideally below $30 per person, not including drinks).

I did a haphazard Sidewalk search and settled on the four listed above - I'm going to look at all of them personally to get a feel for the atmosphere and to pick up menus, but I was hoping other people could weigh in on food, music, and atmosphere. And possibly suggest any other places that might come to mind.


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  1. When did you conduct this 'sidewalk search'?

    I walked by recently and Zinno appeared to be closed for good.

    If I'm mistaken - good. It was always a charming place.

    If I'm correct - good. I've helped you narrow down your selection.

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      Thanks - Zinno did look pretty closed - turns out that neither Juniper Cafe nor Village Lantern have jazz on Saturday nights (Juniper does weeknights, Village Lantern does Sun-Tues), so I was ready to settle on Knickerbocker (the manager was willing to increase the number of vegetarian choices, which are scarce on the regular menu, it does have a sort of shabby-cool genteel aura to it, and they do a $50 prix fix incl tax, tip and music charge)but we decided to eschew the dinner thing altogether and have the party at Merchants.

      Thanks for the input!

    2. I like Knickerbocker. It reminds me of one of those places the fictional restaurants that the charecters on a soap opera eat at. It just has that strange feeling. The food decent although it may be a bit over $30.00/person if you have a full course dinner.