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Aug 12, 2000 10:15 AM

Aquagrill vs. Blue Water Grill vs. Tribeca Grill

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We are traveling to New York next month and have narrowed down dinner choices for a Friday night to Aqua Grill, Blue Water Grill or Tribeca Grill. Which do you recommend? To give you an idea of what we like, two years ago we ate at the Gotham Bar and Grill and LOVED it, and last year we tried the Union Pacific and did not have a good experience. Thanks for your help.

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  1. O.k. - I'm with you - I think Union Pacific is one of the most absurdly overpriced and overhyped restaurants I've ever been to.

    So, you should definitely go to Aquagrill. The food is outstanding and would be worth paying a lot more for than they charge. Almost everything I've had there (all fish, nothing else available) has been superb. A lot of the touches - great bread basket, delicious amuse bouches - are what you would expect from a much "fancier" restaurant.

    Blue Water Grill is nice, and will do in a pinch, but the cooking is just not as interesting as at Aquagrill.

    Do reserve soon though, Aquagrill is way past discovered (I remember when you could walk in on a Friday night and be seated, but those days are long gone) and especially for a weekend I would reserve way in advance.

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      Aquagrill- Very fresh seafood,friendly service, good wine list. Drink a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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        Rebecka via Paris

        Was just at Aquagrill last night, and once again, was very pleased.

        I recommend the Lobster Salad to start with. I'm also a huge fan of scallops, and theirs are seared to perfection and served with crisp snow peas.

        The fluke sashimi which was a special last night was truly unforgettable - apparently the chefs (a husband-wife team) have a deal with a fisherman who goes out off the coast of LI in the morning, and delivers to them in the afternoon.

        I also agree, many of the touches like the amuse-bouches and the petits fours are more often seen in a 'fancier' place - it's nice to be able to enjoy them in a casual setting.

        We sat outside, and it wasn't too noisy - if you don't mind eating a few yards from the street. On a nice night, it would be worth considering.

        1. re: Rebecka via Paris

          After the wonderful meal I had at Aquagrill I wouldn't bother to go to Blue Water grill. We had a sampling of oysters and clams that was to die for. Aquagrill is a new found favorite for sure. Make reservations...

          1. re: jo

            Has dinner at Aquagrill last Friday, lunch at Union Square on Saturday and dinner on Sunday at Gramercy Tavern. (Foodie relatives in town for the weekend.)

            Since I made reservations only about two weeks ahead, we had early reservations for dinner (6:30pm at Aquagrill, 5:30pm at Gramercy). I had some trepidation about these early times re service - should not have though.

            Aquagrill was so great - we had the "tower of seafood" - clams, oysters, etc. - wonderful. I do not remeber what anyone else had for their entree because I loved mine so much - salmon with felafel crust served in a lemon broth with tomato and cucumber.

            At Gramercy Tavern we had the tasting menu, paired with wine tasting by the waiter. So, so, so good - turbot in broth with a New Zealnd savignon blanc, fat back pork with Selby pinot noir - etc. Also had the cheese course with madeira - unbelievably good.

            Union Square Cafe was eh. Maybe because it was lunch, but could not compare to either of the other two.

            BTW, we also saw Fully Committed, which was a lot of fun for anyone interested in behind-the-scenes restaurant stuff.

            1. re: Siobhan

              After several experiences at Gramercy Tavern, I have developed a rule of thumb:

              If GT offers turbot in any form, order it.

    2. blue water has flashes of deliciosity, but the menu's dull and the kitchen can be erratic ... tribeca grill is too full of boisterous new-money wall streeters to be enjoyable, and it has this forced 'new york' vibe. aquagrill says 'new york' to me. and it's ALWAYS fantastic, and usually surprising.


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