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Aug 8, 2000 02:05 PM

What happened to DAILY SOUP????

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I just bought soup from Daily Soup. I heard that they are now under new ownership, and boy can you tell. The soups (which start at $5.50 - unless you get the blue pot special of the day - that is $3.95) are nowhere near the quality they were when they were under the old ownership. If they are going to change the recipes and provide inferior, oily, watery soups, then they should change their overinflated prices. Don't waste your cash on these soups.

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  1. Wait patiently until the Fall, when Al Yegeneh returns and re-opens the Soup Kitchen International on W 55th.
    He is the original, one-and-only, supreme, Soup God!
    Get in line at 11:30 am, and when he opens at 12:00, you'll only be about 40 or 50 people back. But, oh, what soup! The crab bisque is better than sex!

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    1. re: Steve O

      Isn't that the Soup Nazi?

      1. re: Hmmm
        Meredith Merridew

        The "Soup Nazi" was a character on a television show. Al is an actual person. Sitcoms, believe it or not, aren't real.

        1. re: Meredith Merridew

          Yes, but the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld was
          modeled on a real life soup vendor.

          1. re: christina z
            Meredith Merridew

            Correct. But when a man is referred to as a Nazi by people who have never met him or visited his business, simply because they like repeating a cute phrase they heard on TV, then the concept of "modelled on" becomes troublesome.

            1. re: Meredith Merridew

              Thank you for those comments, Meredith. After all these years, it STILL hurts Al when he is referred to as the "Soup Nazi." And I don't think it's cute when people call him that to his face, regardless of their intentions.

              He may not have the greatest social skills, but Al cares not only about the quality of his soups, but also his customers. Really.

      2. re: Steve O

        When will the place re-open? I'll be visiting in early October and would LOVE to stop by and get soup (used to work near there and get soup regularly :)

        1. re: lee
          Anil Khullar

          In the past mid-October was when he came back from
          vacation in Europe.

      3. Because I was on Daily Soup's mailing list, they sent me an explanatory email. Here's the important info:

        "On August 1st, the Daily Soup Company was split into two separate and independently owned business units. The kitchen facilities were purchased by a group including Leslie Kaul (the Daily Soup chef who has been cooking for you for the past five years), Bob Spiegel and Carla Ruben (two of the original founders of the Daily Soup concept) and myself; Rich O'Donnell... Since the breakup of the Company, the stores (which are still being called Daily Soup) have not been serving Leslie's soup. Although from the comments I have been hearing, most of you have already realized that.

        "While all of you are obviously disappointed in the loss of your favorite soup supply, I am writing this message to assure you that we are working very hard to establish new relationships and avenues for getting the Daily Soup brand from our kitchen to your table."

        They expect Daily Soup soups to be offered at delis and similar places starting in September. The email also said that this info was available on their website, but when I checked, the site didn't seem to be operating properly.


        1. personally, I am thrilled to see their demise. they were hands down the most arrogant and overrated food experience in town (at least their east 44th street location). many times, they refused to give refunds/replacements on misdeliveries. so we went to the store to eat, and there, they accused my friend of putting a bug in her soup when she had the audacity to point out the swimming fly. These guys were the real soup nazis, and new yorkers are smart enough to figure it out. I just wish it hadnt taken so long.

          1. Wow, I can't believe this is a thread! I had some last week, not having seen this info, and it was TERRIBLE! I used to like the gazpacho, but it has become a julienned mess of carrots & peppers covered with tomato juice.

            I used to frequent the location on Trinity Place downtown, but until there is a change, NEVERMORE!

            Try Souperman (now with a new name, but still good) behind 85 Broad St. if you have a hankering for some good stuff in the downtown area. And their brie & pear sandwich also rocks.

            1. One of the best places for soup in midtown area is Dishes, on 44th street between Madison and Vanderbilt.
              They serve around 10 varieties each day. In my opinion they are better then Daily Soup have ever been.
              They also have one of the best salad bars in the city and great grilled sandwiches.