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Aug 8, 2000 10:24 AM

Montana Steakhouse & Grill

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my boyfriend and I are going to try a steakhouse on the upper west side called Montana (93rd/columbus). has anyone tried it yet? please let us know what you thought of the food and service. thanks!

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  1. Montana's chef, Neal Myers, honed his beef skills at Ben Benson's for seven years, then headed the kitchens at Tatou, then Tupelo Grill. He probably knows more about steak than anyone in Manhattan. But everything at Montana is great--it's like a trip to the Great Plains. It's very roomy, and there's even a big front porch for outdoor dining. The food is all Comfort. Don't miss the chicken liver with scmalz, iceberg lettuce with Russian dressing (bet you haven't had that in YEARS), thick, heavy crab cakes, and rum-raisin ice cream. The main event--Porterhouse steak for two--glistens with flavor. Bon app├ętit!

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      hans petersen

      They could hardly have picked a weirder place for a steak house - not a likely spot for the expense-account meals that must be bread and butter for such establishments. And they don't even seem to offer hamburgers, for the local family crowd.

      This is one of those locations that seems jinxed (another one close by is the southwest corner of 100th & Broadway). I'll be amazed if it survives, even if the food is good.