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Aug 7, 2000 04:32 PM

Downtown Sunday Dinner - Not Expensive

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My parents will be in town this weekend and asked me to find a restaurant for this Sunday. I am looking for a restaurant that is located below 23rd street, has good food, and not too expensive (entrees under $20 or so). My father does not eat red meat, although the rest of us do. I thought about the Tasting Room or 71 Clinton Fresh food, but both are closed on Sundays. What do folks think of Il Bagatto? (Smoking is not a virtue with my folks.) Any good ideas?

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  1. "What do folks think of Il Bagatto?"

    eh. sensational at first (I'd been tracking the chef for a while), but then it got popular. And then it got trendy. And now it's a shadow of its former self, and the service will inspire violent thoughts.

    It's still not to write off, however. If the right person's cooking and the waiter's taken his/her Zoloft, things can be worthy.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim, what wine would you recommend with Zoloft?

      1. re: Barbara S

        "Jim, what wine would you recommend with Zoloft?"

        "Whine" or "wine"?

        If the latter, I'll defer to our wine expert, Melanie Wong

        1. re: Barbara S
          Melanie Wong

          As long as it's the server who's taking the Zoloft, then I'd suggest a bubbly. Sparkling wine can make any Sunday dinner a celebration!

          Patients taking antidepressants should be cautious in their use of alcohol as it can act as a depressant and worsen their condition.


      2. If you can get a reservation go to Chez Michallet in the West Village. Between 5:30 and 6:30 they have a pre theater menu for 3 courses for around $24. It's a very small charming place with great food and friendly service. The choices for the main courses are argentine steak,morrocan style chicken and fish.

        1. We went to Lupa and it was great. The atmosphere was just very warm and friendly. The fried potatos side dish is great! My folks had the sea bass which was grilled and I had the Sunday special of lamb, which was also good. The price was right too.