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Aug 7, 2000 09:15 AM


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I finally tried the F&B on 23rd between 8th & 7th. I had the Great Dane Dog, and it was really tasty. It snapped when you bit into it. I usually only like the taste of Kosher hot dogs, but this Danish dog was full of flavor and didn't have that "ball park" taste you get in some of the non-Kosher types. They top it with a honey mustard, ketchup, crisped onions and marinated cucumbers. I also had a side of the Frites which were ok. I like that they use coarse salt on them. The place was very clean and the atmoshphere relaxing. Mind you it was 11:15 am on a Sunday and I was the only person in the place. I'd definately give it a few more tries.

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  1. d
    D-U-F-F- (as in food) -I-E-L-D

    The original posting was up on my

    So...This is a fun, tasty, uncommon little spot.

    Though, I think the chicken frites were a little mushy...

    Everything else rules! The new lamb/rosemary sausage with crumbled feta (or is it goat cheese) is astounding.

    And...the service is really rather delightful...with the groovy beers and could beat many bars for fun evening hang outs (cool music)...