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Aug 3, 2000 08:39 PM

New East Village Indonesian Take-Out

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It's not open yet, and I really have no idea if it'll be any good. I stopped in today and took a menu; the friendly couple doing prep work said they're opening for lunch this Sunday.

I know almost nothing about Indonesian food, so I couldn't get many clues from the menu. There's a few dishes I recognize--rendang, nasi goreng, and gado-gado--and some meat and fish dishes in kecap, curry, or chili sauce. There's also a selction of "American Pub Food," featuring "Fried Calamaries" and "Shepperd Pie." I get the feeling they're not sure who their clientele is going to be, so they're hedging their bets.

What seems encouraging is the $6.00 daily lunch special: "It's Real Fast Food--You can get off from taxi and Get a food right away."

It's called Borobudur Cafe, and it's at 128 E. 4th St., between 1st & 2nd. See you there.

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