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Aug 3, 2000 02:05 PM

Bouley Bakery

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My friends are making a reservation at Bouley Bakery for Sat. night. Just curious what to expect, i.e. go with tasting menu or a la carte? What are specialties etc. Amazingly enough I've never gotten to eat at any of his restaurants so any information would be much appreciated.

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    1st of all, will they even be able to get a res for sat. night--unless you mean a Sat. in September!

    2nd, do some searches for Bouley Bakery and you will turn up riches on this board...


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    1. re: Jessica Shatan
      Nathaniel Axel

      Well, I just got a call and they got a 7:30 reservation, this Sat. (don't know how they do it!) so looks like I'm going.I'll post later with my thoughts

      1. re: Nathaniel Axel
        Jessica Shatan

        Great! I, for one, loved it.
        Click on my link for my description (it's short).
        The main thing is I was advised by someone who'd been there to save room for bread and they were right. We didn't split appies and dessert as I advise in my link but I wish I did. There were many nice touches like sweet butter AND salted butter for the bread, etc.


    2. Beware. There was an enormous thread about BB, and many people had awful experiences there.

      1. The food is really nothing special. Even the bread is not that good!

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        1. re: Rex
          Adam Stephanides

          I ate there once (had the tasting menu) and had the same reaction, though I don't remember about the bread. The pastries, on the other hand, are probably the best in NYC (and yes, that includes Payard).


          1. re: Rex
            john karabatos

            I ate there and I still remember every bite! The most common reaction at our table to each bite was "oh my god"