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Aug 2, 2000 10:43 AM

Peter Luger Steakhouse

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I went to Lugers for the first time last night and I think it is as good as its reputation. We started with an o.k. green salad and then we had the porterhouse for 2, German potatoes and creamed spinach. The juice in the steak was incredible. Definately the best steak I have eaten in NYC. It was also not priced outrageously, considering its reputation. We had no room for dessert, although they sounded good. I just wish you didn't have to reserve so far in advance...
FYI, the 2nd best steak I've had in NY was at Prune.

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Glad you enjoyed it. Let me make two recommendations:

    1. For apps, you can't lose with the shrimp cocktail and the tomato and onion salad with blue cheese dressing. A friend swears by the off-menu bacon appetizer, but I've never had it.

    2. If you're a small group (2-4), you can just drop by on a weeknight and usually get seated within an hour or so. Just stand at the bar and drink.


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    1. re: Patrick A.

      Patrick's appetizers recs are good ones - the bacon is amazingly delicious, and once you're at Luger's there's no point in worrying about being healthy. Another menu strategy if you are with a few people is to order the lamb chops as an appetizer - they are REALLY GOOD, but no one ever passes up the steak to get them as entree (nor should they)!

      1. re: Elaine

        We once went to a day game at Shea on a hot Saturday afternoon. After the game, say around 4PM, I called Peter Luger to see if we could get a table, on our way back to NJ, and warned them we were coming directly from a game, and were in shorts, t-shirts, sweaty, etc. They told us to come on over, and they couldn't have been nicer. We had a great time, talked about the game with the staff, and I remember some of them were trashing John Franco. Anyway, I don't know if this is typical or not, but if so, it would seem to be fairly easy to get a table on a moment's notice, even on a Saturday, if you're willing to go very early.

        1. re: Bilmo

          Are all of you talking about the Peter Luger's in Brooklyn or Long Island? Thinking of going there after my son's law school graduation ceremony and it sounds as if the steak is great.

          1. re: Susan Nolan
            Erica Marcus

            Sounds like they're talking about Peter Luger in Brooklyn, but I do believe that the Great Neck location is comparable in quality. Thanks for the tip about the lamb-chop appetizer; it's priceless.

            1. re: Erica Marcus

              I've never before heard anyone say that Luger's Great Neck branch (which I've never tried) is comparable in quality to the Brooklyn one. That said, I've never heard anybody really diss the Great Neck one, either. In fact, nobody talks about it much!

              But even hearsay from you is significant, Erica!

              Hey, if anyone wants to chime in on Great Neck, please start a thread on "Tristate Area!"


              1. re: Jim Leff

                True, Great Neck discussion is for the tri-state board....but why is Luger's (the one in BROOKLYN) being discussed on the MANHATTAN board?....


                1. re: Jill

                  Hear hear! Furthermore, there's no such thing as the 59th street bridge!

                2. re: Jim Leff
                  Erica Marcus

                  I know this is the wrong board, but I have no reason to justify myself to Tri-Staters. When they were still doing NY Eats, E. Levine and J. Steingarten ate at the Great Neck Peter Luger precisely for the purpose of comparing it to the Williamsburg location and I had the pleasure of accompanying them in order to write an article. It was the opinion of all three of us that the two locations were basically comparable.
                  If anyone out there has ever found Jeffrey Steingarten to be in error about food, I want to hear about it.
                  P.S. It's terribly sad that Metro Channel axed NY Eats.

            2. re: Bilmo

              Coming back to NYC next month and will be bringing a date to Peter Luger for a late lunch (never could afford it when I lived there).

              I always preferred the subway to taxis during daylight hours - much faster, much cheaper. Is taking the J or M train convenient or should I suffer the traffic in a cab? Thanks.

              1. re: R Anthony

                I found the subway to be fine. From Manhattan I took the F to Delancey and changed to the JMZ line. The 6 line also hits the JMZ line at Canal.

                1. re: R Anthony

                  Take a cab-subway is seedy and you have to walk about 4 blocks there. Not a good way to impress a date.

                2. re: Bilmo

                  Actually I don't think they take reservations in the afternoon but just tell you to come in.

            3. Your mention of Luger's almost brought tears to my eyes...when I was a young girl our family and another used to walk on the board walk at Jones Beach and then walk from Rockville Centre to Luger's. At that time it was in Valley Stream. How well I remember the shrimp cocktails, sliced tomatoes and onions and the lusciousness of their steaks...this was back in the late 30's or early 40's..somethings your parents or grandparents may remember. Next time I'm in THE CITY I must get to their Brooklyn locale..I'm drooling..

              1. I just wanted to share, because I was just there on Saturday afternoon for an early dinner.

                For apps: we ordered the off-menu bacon & the tomato & onion salad. (Where DO they get those tomatoes? They're HUGE!). If you get the chance, order the's a great treat.

                For dinner: potatoes, creamed spinach, and steak for 5 (medium rare).

                For dessert: pecan pie, key lime pie, apple strudel all "mit schalg".

                The steak, as usual, is incredible. It really can't be beat. (I had a steak from Old Homestead about 3 days before my Luger's dinner. It was good, but it just wasn't Luger's. Granted, it was a different cut...but the flavor & texture just wasn't the same.) Luger's porterhouse is juicy & incredibly flavorful. For me, it practically melts in my mouth...if beef can do that. It's a thick cut of steak, but given the way they choose it, age it & cook it, it's incredibly tender & flavorful. I say, Kudos to the buyers, butchers, "agers" & all those "behind-the-scenes" crew of Luger's!!

                The potatoes are potatoes. Personally, I like the creamed spinach & it's nice to have to complete the whole "steak dinner at Luger's" feeling.

                If you have room, get some dessert. I'd recommend the pecan pie with, of course, the schlag. The key lime pie and strudel were excellent too.

                Lastly, the service was great. No, the waiters won't necessarily be floating over to you, but I don't think they qualify as "surly" as I've often heard them described. Just don't ask them what they recommend; there's only one answer & if you don't know it, you should probably come back to the restaurant with someone who does!

                I can't wait to go back & try those lamb chops now!

                1. Usually you have to wait two weeks for reservations.

                  1. overrated. you will learn.