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Jul 30, 2000 03:54 PM

In search of...THE Diner waitress

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I'm looking for suggestions. I've been entrusted to produce a half-hour show for the Food TV Network that goes inside the life of waiters/waitreses (at least as deep as I can go in two days of shooting). I'm pretty set with two of our characters (a career waiter, and an downtown actress/waiter) but I'm still prowling for the perfect diner with a great "Flo" type...y'know - pen behind the ear, calls everyone "sweetheart." I promise to take great care with these lives and will portray the hard work and sense of dignity that goes beyond the serving.

Can anyone help? Please email as well as post. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. This may be a little off the beaten path, but there's an ancient diner, the Blauvelt Coach, on Rte 303 in Blauvelt (Rockland County). Very competent diner breakfasts (try the carrot muffins). It hasn't been remodeled since the seventies, at the latest -- tables feature crumbling 'personal jukeboxes' with selections from 1983, but I think that's the only thing that's changed in the past four decades -- about half of the staff seems to have been there since forever, and, judging from overheard conversations ("What the hell do you want?" "Aw, I got the waitress from hell! Can't you remember anything?"...), so have many of the patrons.

    1. I know where she is. and I wish I knew her name! She can be found at Dougherty's on Eighth ave and 15th. the little diner on the corner. this lady is sooo nice
      and she deserves some recognition! my bad for not remembering her name.

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        She came immediately to mind as well!!! I think her name may be Maria. Go to Dougherty's Coffee Shop at the corner of 15th Street and Eighth Avenue, NOW!!

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          Thanks. I'll try and track her down this week/end. I'm assuming she might do the breakfast shift?

          1. re: J.C.

            Hmmm...not sure about that, but she's always there during weekday lunch.

        2. The real diner waitresses are not in the city. Best to try any and all diners in Jersey. The real thing exists there.