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Jul 29, 2000 04:27 PM

Krik Krak - 101/Amsterdam

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I can no longer find the thread about this neighborhood, but wanted to recommend Krik Krak, a tiny Haitian restaurant on 101/Amsterdam. We tried it for the first time last night and it was very yummy. The handwritten menu lists single word dishes (i.e., poulet, ecrevisses, griot (crunchy pork)) in French/Creole - each dish comes with rice and beans and big crunchy ungreasy plaintain slices.. I had the lambi (conch) - it came in a delicious red oniony sauce and was top notch. My boyfriend had the chicken, in a spicier brown sauce, also yummy. You get an enormous amount of food for $9-$11 and the people who run it could not be sweeter or more helpful in explaining the menu. There are a few little tables and a counter, but the owner mentioned that he is planning to start delivery soon, which will be welcome come winter!

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  1. sounds cool..cant wait to try it. I will post again after my experience..thanks for the post!

    1. Loved your note about Krik Krak so a friend and I went there tonight. Thumbs up from me, too, although I'm not sure it's worth a detour. We ordered the red snapper and the pigs' feet ragout.

      The ragout was on the bland side but paired well with the excellent rice (I wonder what kind of broth the rice was cooked in). But the snapper was a standout, with a spicy sauce and topped with rings of onion.

      The plaintains, as you said, were greaseless but tasted warmed over. The sauce for the red snapper was a perfect complement to the plaintains.

      Thanks for the tip, Elaine.

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        Glad you liked it. I agree with you Dave, I don't know if I'd trek here from a great distance, but living three blocks away, I consider it a very welcome discovery in the 'hood!

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Went last night for dinner and had the red snapper. They were very friendly and the fish was great. Loved the sauce as well.

          1. re: Steve Zang
            Dave Feldman

            Glad you liked the snapper, Steve. Now someone has to try another whole fish and see if the sauce is the same.