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Jul 29, 2000 03:28 PM

Rosa Mexicano West Side

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Anyone eaten at Rosa Mexicano's new West Side locale? Thinking about it for Monday 7/31 dinner with husband and older stepdaughter - she loves Mexican.


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  1. I ate there the last week.

    The place is beautiful (another David Rockwell creation), and also huge.
    The pomeg. margaritas are wonderful and the guacamole is terrific. Everything else we tried was fine, not exceptional and a bit pricey.
    It's a loud restaurant and a lot of fun (particularly after a few marg's).

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    1. re: brad

      The food is rather bland and uninspired at the East side original. I do love the margaritas though. The guac is great, but you can make it at home, although you probably need the lava bowl to make it properly --We have one and love it :-))

      I have been to Mexico a few times and did not have the boring food there that they serve at RM. I prefer Maya, or even Mesa Grill for Southwestern food.