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Jul 27, 2000 09:55 AM

San Domenico

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To those that have recommended this restaraunt I was hoping you could answer a few questions. I have read several reviews concerning San Domenico but would like a more general opinion.

1. Atmosphere-I'm shooting for a romantic/elegant. Jacket/Tie kinda place.

2. Food- How's thier menu for regular people looking for extraordinary Italian food? My wife and I are not adventurous eaters. We're not about to order ravioli stuffed with calves brains or fois gras(sp?) or tripe etc, etc. I am however, looking for more than spagetti and meatballs though. When I was narrowing down choices San Domenico rated high in all my criteria except menu selection. I viewed thier menu online at another website and there were very few choices we would have ordered. I do know it was thier sample menu and not thier entire menu however. So, do they have dishes like pasta primavera or a good shellfish over pasta. We do not drink, so that is not a factor. But we LOVE our pasta and creative sauces, as long as there are no animal organs included.

3. How were you treated by the waitstaff? Was it your first time or are you a regular? It's her 50th birthday and I would like a nice, pleasant evening, where she feels special.

4. Parking?

5. Lastly, how would you rate it among the other Italian choices in the city? Among the best there is or?

Thank you!

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  1. Mike: I'm not able to answer all of your questions because I went there under special circumstances. The answer to your first question though is yes, it is romantic and elegant, and a dress-up kind of place. My advice is call 'em up. Explain your circumstances, and see how they receive you. Ask them what you asked us, unless of course you get the definitive reply on Chowhound. And Happy Birthday to your wife. pat

    1. 1. The atmosphere is definitely what you're looking for -- dressy and romantic. You will not see t-shirts or backwards baseball caps in the dining room.

      2. In my experience (3 visits over 3 years), the food is just delicious. I am really not the most adventurous eater and there was always a big selection that appealed to me. I had a pasta dish once -- tagliatelle or papardelle with a creamy salmon and asparagus sauce -- that was a particular knock-out. I can't imagine that you won't find something that makes you really happy.

      3. I don't remember anything to object to about the waitstaff. You might mention, in your call to make the reservation, that it's your wife's 50th birthday. Maybe arrange for a special dessert, with a candle/flower/something. Then quietly remind the host again when you arrive.

      4. The restaurant is very close to a parking garage -- maybe even right next door. I don't know if they validate, but that's something you can ask when you call to reserve.

      5. I don't feel qualified to rate it, but I can say that I will definitely go again. I suppose it's among the tops in the city. No matter what, it wouldn't be a mistake to choose it.