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Jul 27, 2000 12:16 AM

Quiet little table in the

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There was a restaurant in NYC several years back called Quiet little table for 2 or Cozy Little Table or Quiet Little Table in the Corner....not 100% sure...can anyone tell me the name and if it still exists? It's premise and decor was all tables for 2 in secluded little alcoves or beaded-off areas, etc. Similar to (set-up only) of The Caves Restaurant in Fla. Thanks.

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  1. yes, the place was apprx madison ave, and 37th st?? it no longer exists-

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      Wow, that was the site of my first ever "romantic" destination date when I bought dinner for a girl in "the city", circa 1969 or 70? The era of Steak & Brew. I'm sure I tried to impress her with my teenage sophistication by ordering Lancers, instead of Mateus, with dinner. ;) Thanks for the flashback.

      Although my memory has all the earmarks of a misspent youth, I thought it was near Lincoln Center. But maybe that was our triumphant second dinner date, the Monks Inn. All the waiters had hooded robes & bad French accents.