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Jul 26, 2000 04:48 PM


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I have gone here several times to this restaraunt. (its on Ave A and 11th). I think its the best bang for the buck in terms of Italian eats. the Portabello mushroom appetizer is great. So rich and beefy. the Lobster Ravioli is nice and yesterday had the salmon and asparagus farfarelle. Tasty! the pizzas are good too.. Five people ate assorted app's, pasta's and mains + two bottles of merlot. total was 140 bucks.

I would recommend this place over Frank's on 2nd and Max on B. nicer atmosphere as far as I'm concerned.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. I've been to Orologio over the years (I think it's been around for at least 9 now), but not lately. While it's good and inexpensive, Franks to me has better food, richer sauces, where all of the flavors really show through out their dishes. I was just at Franks a week ago and I had the fried pork cutlet. It was perfectly crisp and it was accompanied by greens tossed in a light vinegrette. We also had the buffalo mozzerella, which is the best I've had anywhere. The portions' small and I wish it was cheaper because I could definitely eat 2 portions!

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      Jessica Shatan

      I have, alas, lost faith in Orologio. There was always something wrong... an overly salty minestrone... or whatever but I let it slide because the place was so charming and there was so much right, and at those prices....! But the last time I went the service was inexcusably poor (half -empty, yet they still couldn't get our drink orders right, get us water, get the entrees served around the same time, flavors were off or didn't match the menu, etc.), and more things were wrong than right. It was also extremely long and dragged out, were late for a show across the st. I just have no desire to go back.