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Jul 26, 2000 03:56 PM

5 year old

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Taking my 5 year old to NYC for his Birthday in early Sept. We plan on a trip to the Entrepid and Empire State Building. Any ideas for fun/theme type restaurant in either area. We went to MARS last year and he loved it. the food is not too important

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  1. I recommend Serendipity. It is on the east side and is famous for its frozen hot chocolate and other great drinks. The food there is very kid friendly! It is not a theme restaurant in the same sense of Mars 2112 but is full of kitschy stuff.

    1. I highly recomend ESPN Zone (42nd and Broadway) took 6 nieces and nephew there and they loved it. The staff was great with kids and upstairs, after lunch, you can play some high tech games.

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        andrew reibman

        I have a 6 year old and a 7 year old and they dine in the city on a regular basis.

        An excellent choice in the vicinity of the empire state building is any of the korean restaurants reviewd on this board. Kids love the idea of grilling on the table - and plain bulgogi (basically marinated steak) will serve even a picky eater. Plus many of the places give an enormous range of "free" side dishes - they're bound to find some they like.

        A trip for Dim Sum in a place with carts may be fun too - as most kids will love dumplings...

        Asian restaraunts of all types have always been very child friendly for use.